Introducing eMags Rewards

Updated: Jan 25

Frictionless digital entertainment designed to delight consumers through positive engagement.

Marketers are navigating unfamiliar territory these days. Media habits are swinging to the digital sphere and people crave connection in the midst of isolation. Imagine a product engineered to positively engage consumers while you earn their loyalty at the same time- with no catch.

New Digital Engagement Tool

With industry leading publishers as our partners, we’re introducing consumers to a new way to read and share magazines they love. For our corporate partners, positive brand engagement starts with the first issue and only gets better with time. Tailored for consumer ease and positive corporate branding, eMags Rewards is the first-of-its-kind digital magazine platform that asks nothing of its audience but fosters long-lasting customer relationships. eMagazines Founder and President Andrew Degenholtz has tapped industry veteran Larry Nichter to helm the new division.

eMags Rewards is poised to revolutionize the way we use and view magazines,” Degenholtz says. “And Larry’s experience building and selling engagement programs is a perfect fit.”

“Our platform provides companies the ability to gift the best digital content available while creating significant positive engagement touchpoints,” according to Nichter, whose career in digital rewards spans more than 20 years and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. “Smart marketers are realizing that positive engagement will lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers are what successful businesses are made of. We can help.”

Everyone knows that loyalty is earned with trust, and trust is built through positive engagements. eMags Rewards provides professional quality content in the form of a customer-centric gift. Too many times customers click on a rewards link only to be “rewarded” with too many asks- for personal information, for credit card numbers, etc. When your customer receives an eMags Rewards magazine subscription from your company, there’s nothing for them to do except open, enjoy and smile when they think of you.

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before

says Nichter, referring to the fact that most other magazine reward programs look for a way to accomplish other sales objectives: not eMags Rewards. It's a gift.

About eMagazines & eMags Rewards

eMagazines has brought the industry's most beloved magazines to life on digital and mobile devices for years, preserving brand integrity and streamlining the digital experience for readers. Partnering with publishers large and small, eMagazines ensures quality journalism is available, accessible and vibrant as the demand for digital content rises in the age of COVID-19.

eMags Rewards is a newly formed division of eMagazines that uses the company’s innovative technology and top publisher relationships to offer a branded solution platform with unparalleled positive engagement opportunities.

What's next?

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations, partnerships, and rewards-driven innovation.

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