What psychology and research tell us your employees and clients really want this Christmas

Updated: Jan 25

The problem

The holidays this year, like everything else, look different. Before the pandemic in March, about 31% of American employees reported that they were working from home. By October, Gallup doubled that number to 62%. Connection has taken on an entirely new significance for employers and employees, companies and consumers, and anyone trying to communicate a message from a distance.

Advertisers and marketers have known for decades that trust is a company’s most precious commodity. Psychology tells us what eMags Rewards has maintained since our inception: loyalty is earned through trust, and trust is earned through positive, genuine interactions. You can’t beat emotional connection. It’s the foundation of all human relationships, whether you’re interacting with a person or a brand. The holidays usually usher in enormous opportunities to forge that emotional bond and cultivate loyalty.

But how do you recreate that electric connection between a company and its clients or an employer and their employees in an almost fully remote workplace and digital landscape?

The numbers

Our founder, Larry Nichter, knew that the pandemic would create opportunities as well as challenges in the workplace. “By investing the last few years in in our publisher relationships, building our digital reader and creating unique digital library functionality, we were ready for the challenges presented by the pandemic,” Nichter says. “Companies need ways to engage their consumers and their employees in a positive way, and gifts are a great conversation starter- especially gifts that represent new technology and do exactly what they’re designed to do.”

As consumer behaviors shift, global management firm McKinsey and Company found that for both the U.S. and the U.K., value is still the greatest determining factor in trying a new brand. From their report, “The shift to digital persists across countries and categories as consumers in most parts of the world keep low out-of-home engagement.”

Digital entertainment access is on the rise in the U.S., McKinsey and Company estimating that as many as half the population are now buying magazines, books and other print entertainment sources in digital form. For many, more time at home means more leisure time for reading the news and consuming entertainment. With innovative products like the digital library of eMagazines, consumers have the perfect print alternatives that are not only less expensive than their more traditional counterparts, they’re also safer because they’re contactless.

But ease and value aren’t the only keys to keeping customers and attracting new ones. A salesforce report published by CNBC estimates 83% of customers are looking for that elusive emotional connection with a brand they use. And since happier people are known to spend more over the holidays than their melancholic counterparts, a gift could be the simplest means of serving two goals: giving joy and cementing your relationship with a client.

The solution

So, our takeaways: digital is the safest and most popular way to engage your customers or reward your employees; the time is ripe to attract new customers with the best product value and dedication to safety; and lastly, the pandemic has rendered consumers more willing to try new brands- give them the best reason to try yours!

It’s primetime for digital entertainment rewards. Ask Larry how eMags Rewards can strengthen your emotional connection with your audience or employees.


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