Customer Acquisition

eMags Rewards provides high-value, low-cost incentives featuring digital entertainment from top U.S. and U.K. publishers.

•  Gift with purchase

•  Email capture and response

•  Mobile app downloads

•  Social media sweepstakes

•  Spend and get promotion


Capture Email Addresses


Be the first to know when new items drop and stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends with a free subscription just for signing up!

Email Address

Increase Customer Retention

Improve engagement and reduce churn by giving a true gift that your customers will enjoy. The more they like you, the less likely they are to leave.

•  Increase survey response & reviews

•  Encourage customer feedback

•  Reduce customer churn

•  Smooth customer service issues


Increase Survey Response


We're committed to providing the best service possible. We recently sent you a satisfaction survey and we want to hear from you. For your time, you'll receive a free 1 year digital subscription - no strings attached.

Customer Loyalty

Engagement = Loyalty. Give the gift that keeps giving all year long with monthly reminders of who the gift is from. 

•  A welcome gift with no strings

•  Add variety to your rewards program

•  Anniversary and birthday rewards

•  Gifts for your most loyal customers

•  Perks for customer milestones


A monthly reminder of your thoughtful gift

July Email

August Email

Each New Issue Update


Membership & Subscription Services

Looking to add value and justify your cost? Our platform provides a significant value to cost ratio.

•  Add as a new core member benefit

•  Offer perks for new members 

•  Reactivate lapsed memberships

•  Surprise & delight existing members


Webinar Incentives

2020 is the year of webinars. Our platform is uniquely positioned to help increase sign-ups and engagement.

•  A thoughtful gift with no strings

•  Add variety to your incentives & gifts

•  Confirm and acquire email addresses

•  Frictionless with instant gratification

•  Promote future webinars


Retailers & eTailers

Stop discounting and start gifting! With a free gift, you're telling your customers they matter and you care about them. Positive engagement builds trust, and trust builds loyalty. It only gets better from here!

•  Rewards for desired behavior

•  Spend and get promotions

•  Sign-up for special offers


Consumer Packaged Goods

Never before has there been a way for CPG companies to speak directly to consumers in such a one-to-one positive fashion. Imagine being able to provide digital entertainment with the ability to drive even more incremental business directly- with no strings.

This isn't a dream anymore. Ask us how to make it a reality for YOU!


“Big brand awareness online is a key driver of Ecommerce sales and Ecommerce is extending the reach of the beauty sector to far greater numbers of consumers, well beyond the possibilities of traditional retailing.” Someone really smart from L’Oreal


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